Two Man


Are the goods being delivered to your customer cumbersome or too awkward to be moved by just the driver on their own? Why not request a two man delivery.

This is a second pair of hands for the delivery point to help offload the vehicle and even place the goods where your customer requires if needed. This is a more cost effective way of delivering your goods than a traditional 2-man team as your not paying for two men to travel the whole distance with the goods, instead the second man will just be at the delivery point to assist.

This is ideal for a whole range of goods from white goods to timber/construction materials. This could even be a good feature just to save time. We could have a vehicle full of small boxes and a second person can be on hand to help handball these items off the vehicle. While there is a cost for the second person this would reduce the chances of the vehicle sitting on site accruing demurrage charges.

Think this could be an option for your delivery or just simply need something more than a simple 1-man delivery? Speak to our team and they will happily assist you.